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Hi my name is Wendy and I started TCVO for fun... I am a DIE-HARD crafter, sign maker ( and jack of all trades (sounds good huh?) Well let's clarify Jack of All Trades... more like I need to own and operate EVERY piece of decorating equipment known to mankind so that I can say "owned it, used it-beentheredonethat-screwed a bunch of crap up"... I have ALWAYS been a wanna be artist, art major in college, sign painter, cartoonist...

Back in the early 90's I did the commercial embroidery contract business all while raising three girls, helping the honey with his business, riding horses, running on the bike trail and repurposing ANYTHING with a gasp of air left in it...(except roadkill). I've owned UV printers, Multi-Head Embroidery Machines,  Pad Printers, Screen Presses, Direct to Garment Machines, 3D Printers, Sublimation Printers, Vinyl Cutters, Wide Format Printers and more. I taught myself Corel Draw and have always had a sketch pad nearby. 


I am also....drum roll... a TREASURE HUNTER!  Nothing funner then finding some gem and either displaying it, bragging about it or reselling it.  I started buying the HTV because we were using it for small stuff and then of course realized this crap is EXPENSIVE... let's buy in bulk and resell.  So here we have it, the birth of a little website that buys in bulk, gets rocking good deals and passes on to you.  Save my site and visit often as we add to it....


I've added some of my work below but if you'd like to see more visit my shop 

The Walking Threads, embroidery, screen printing, vinyl signs graphics

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